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The current federal budget deficit has increased attention on reshaping and improving how federal agencies allocate resources, deliver constituent service and fulfill their missions. Government contractors can support this evolution by updating their processing systems to handle Level-3 financial data.

In recognition of this fact, the GAO has recommended to the GSA that they request government contractors to collect and pass transactional or Level-3 data for purchases made using the GSA SmartPay charge card. In addition to efficiency and accountability, the capture and evaluation of Level-3 data will reduce government charge card abuse, while providing the government contractor with a significant savings in processing fees.

Unfortunately, many government contractors are unable to fulfill the GSA’s request for transactional data because of the limited capabilities of their current payment processor, as well as an inability to integrate with a financial, accounting and/or ERP system. was launched as a place to focus attention on this important issue. Moving to Level-3 financial data reduces processing fees as much as 40-50 percent, and can be accomplished in a number of simple ways. Level-3 also provides line item purchasing detail for government customers, helping them fight waste and abuse.

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