As our nation’s federal budget deficit is on track to top $1 trillion for a fourth straight year, one can’t help but see a direct correlation of government waste and fraud having an impact. Recent scandals in which tax payer dollars have been squandered are examples that may go unnoticed initially, but as our nation moves forward with initiatives of increased audits and acts aimed at preventing government charge card abuse, agencies can expect such instances to be taken more seriously than ever.

Take for instance a recent story in Government Executive magazine referencing Cause of Action, a nonpartisan government accountability overseer group, which has requested 28 federal agencies to take a closer look into their own checkbooks through a filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Agencies such as the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce and Defense would have 20 business days to reply to the FOIA request on similar spending that the GSA made on unapproved awards from January 2009 to present. This would be one recent example on measures to ensure federal spending does not continue to get out of hand.

Moving forward, certain compliance metrics will need to be met by agencies and government contractors to prevent such instances from occurring again. Especially as more stories continue to emerge regarding fraud and abuse.

Currently, agencies are looking to cut card abuse by having access to more lucent details on statements involving government purchase cards. This is one of the reasons why Level-3 Data is a must have in today’s government market. Contractors serving federal agencies can help cut card abuse with Level-3 processing; as such data being reported will generate greater purchasing transparency to agencies.

Government Contractors that take proactive steps in becoming Level-3 compliant will show their support for government agencies and taxpayers on reducing waste and fraud involving government purchase cards. Such preventative measures will help agencies move forward in being more efficient at identifying wasteful spending before it gets out of hand.

For recommendations on how we prevent unnecessary stress and nonsense through our proper counsel, take a quick look at our GSA Quality Assurance Program. Contrary to what some may say, becoming Level-3 compliant isn’t cumbersome.

For those ready for a free test drive, we’ve set up a short form to fill out requesting a Free Business Needs Analysis that can help your organization not only become compliant, but also determine areas of maximum savings to be made on interchange fees based on a contractor’s average monthly transactions