Government purchasing cards (like the GSA SmartPay, the world’s largest government spending card), provide agencies and contractors a plethora of benefits. Unfortunately these benefits do not get the media coverage they deserve, as the only kind of media that usually occurs is when something goes wrong.

Here’s an example. The video footage is from a local Florida news station detailing how several state employees abused their government purchasing cards:

As we’ve stated in previous editorials, instances of purchasing fraud are bound to happen, but such cases are rare, especially if Level-3 data is being reported to agencies on purchases being made.

If Level-3 data was incorporated with merchants and their financial processing of these government purchasing cards, then such instances of misuse or fraud could be prevented. This is due to the fact that much more detailed purchasing information is provided to agencies with Level-3. Also, it would have reduced the audit time of three years, meaning these crimes could have been discovered sooner.

No one condones such individuals and their irresponsible acts that waste tax payer money. But we do find it very sad that the only media coverage government cards get is when there are cases of misuse or fraud.