James Shanahan, President

Jim has almost two decades of experience advising B2B and B2G clients in the commercial and government marketplace. His level of experience has helped clients properly integrate a payment module into an ERP or Accounting system software that accurately submits and clears Level-2 and Level-3 line item detail in a seamless and efficient manner.

David Danziger, Vice President  

Dave is an industry expert with 15 years experience.  His expertise in the fields of Level-3 Processing and Gateway Integration has allowed him to develop relationships with GSA Contractors and VARS across the United States.  David’s knowledge has been instrumental in the GSA Contractor sector. He has a proven track record of ensuring that GSA Contractors maintain the ability to bid on government contracts.

Ron Schepis, Vice President

With many years of experience with B2C clients in the payment processing industry, Ron Schepis has turned his attention on B2G merchants and contractors. With his expertise in these areas, he has helped merchants streamline their processes and procedures and integrate and introduce new solutions to the government marketplace. With a focus on Level-2 and Level-3 processing, he has brought added value to the companies he has worked with by ensuring proper data has been passed with each transaction. Ron has been and will continue to be on the cutting edge of an ever changing industry.

Lee Kramer, Senior Account Manager

Lee has invested over 15 years in the merchant services field.  For the past three years, he has engaged in research and writing about the increasing requirements that vendors supply Level-3 line-item data when processing government and commercial credit cards.  His experience in directly assisting vendors with Level-3 compliance has given him a valuable and practical perspective in this field.

Mark Amtower, Founding Partner of Amtower & Company

Mark is a nationally known and influential voice in the business to government marketing industry, quoted in over 200 publications worldwide. He is the founding partner of Amtower & Company, marketing advisors to many of the most successful companies in the government market. Mark is an author (Selling to the Government), columnist (Washington Technology) consultant, speaker and radio host (Federal News Radio). He has been monitoring and writing about the government charge card program since 1991. GovernmentChargeCard is proud to have him as a regular contributor to the site.