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GSA SmartPay Usage Is Down – How Is It Affecting You?

Recently, Mark Amtower showed the statistics in the decrease of spending in the GSA SmartPay program.  Spending dropped approximately 3 billion dollars and 20,000 transactions in FY 2012 compared to FY2011.  Are you suffering from lowering buying from the government?  If so, how do you offset this?  It’s time to look at your expenses.  The first place to look is at your credit card processing expenses.

As discussed extensively in this blog, providing level 3 data can reduce your expenses… Read More »

GSA’s Hunger Games – Government Contractors – “Clear Winners and Losers”…

Guest Post- Jennifer Schaus of Jennifer Schaus and Associates


 Today Government Charge Card is pleased to publish a piece by Jennifer Schaus. Jennifer is the principal of Jennifer Schaus & Associates, a boutique government consulting firm in Washington, DC with offices in Rome, Italy.  The organization helps small, mid-size, Fortune 500, domestic and international firms with government contracting; GSA Schedules to 8a Certification as well as sales, marketing and lobbying.



Yes, “Clear Winners and Losers” – GSA’s words, not… Read More »

Government Contractor Lending Programs: Another Arrow in the Quiver for Banks

Many banks, especially in the Washington, DC area, have developed special programs for lending to federal contractors.  These include Virginia Commerce Bank, John Marshall Bank, First Virginia Community Bank, Capital Bank, Virginia Heritage Bank, Sandy Spring Bank, Xenith Bank, United Bank, Access National Bank, Cardinal Bank, Bank of Georgetown, and Freedom Bank of Virginia.  These institutions understand that working with businesses that have the government as their main customer requires specialized knowledge and expertise.

Washington Technology had an article about one… Read More »

The Goverment has their Initiative. Whats yours? Lower Costs.

The pricing in your bids to the government just got a lot more competitive.The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a memo on December 5, 2012 that outlines the focus of more Strategic Sourcing Initiatives.

As OMB’s Deputy Director Jeffrey Zients notes in the memo, “One key way agencies have saved money is by pooling their spending, either by centralizing the agency’s contracting decisions or by using government-wide strategic sourcing vehicles, in order to lower prices and reduce duplication and… Read More »

Government’s Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiatives Gets More Momentum

A memo released by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on December 5, 2012 focused on continuing to new direction on federal procurement practices. As OMB’s Deputy Director Jeffrey Zients notes in his Dec. 5 memo, “One key way agencies have saved money is by pooling their spending, either by centralizing the agency’s contracting decisions or by using government-wide strategic sourcing vehicles, in order to lower prices and reduce duplication and reduce administrative costs.” Building on established… Read More »

More Strategic Sourcing Is Coming! Are You Prepared?

In a recent article at the Federal Times, Sarah Chacko wrote about the impending changes to the Strategic Sourcing Initiative.

The GSA implemented Strategic Sourcing Initiatives to reduce costs and improve the overall procurement experience. According to the GSA, FSSI has been implementing strategic sourcing solutions for the government since 2005.  The initiative has proven results that include cost savings, improved management visibility and adoption of industry and government agencies best practices. The initiative also has helped improve government management of commonly purchased goods… Read More »

With Schedule Being Frozen, Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold

In recent news, the GSA has decided to freeze Schedule 75 ending any chance that you may have to get on this schedule.  This news makes it even more important for potential vendors on any schedule.  With the news that the GSA saved over 10 million dollars,  you can be sure that other schedules will be added to the FSSI.  Will you be left out in the cold?

The FSSI only allows a limited number of vendors on a particular… Read More »

Is the GSA, Office of Charge Card Management, Headed In Your Direction?

There has been a new direction established by GSA, Office of Charge Card Management, in which GSA SmartPay card transactions has set up new guidelines for certain schedules to provide Level-3 transaction detail.

The GSA SmartPay program, established in 1998, is the largest charge card program in the world serving more than 350 federal agencies, organizations, and Native American tribal governments.  In FY10, approximately 98.9M transactions were made and $30.2B were charged using the GSA SmartPay charge cards, creating $325.9M in… Read More »

The Business Opportunity of the GSA’s FSSI

The GSA’s Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) is gathering steam and notice recently. If it’s not on your radar screen as a government contractor, it should be.

FSSI was instituted to increase efficiencies and savings around the government’s purchase of commonly purchased commodities. These items include delivery services, wireless plans and office supplies.

Those are laudable goals, which we will explore deeper in future posts. Today we are taking the view of a government contractor, and looking at FSSI as a… Read More »

The Link Between FSSI and Level-3 Data

In late March the GSA published a presentation that clarified the relationship between the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) and the need for Level-3 financial data. Entitled “Point-Of-Sale Discounts for SmartPay® Cards,” it can be accessed here

FSSI currently covers ground delivery services, wireless service management and office supplies. The GSA wants to further maximize the effectiveness of FSSI through SmartPay card functionality.

That’s where Level-3 Data comes in. The GSA defines Level-3 Data as an “’electronic invoice’ with line-item details.”… Read More »