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Turning Frustration into Opportunity

With FSSI in full swing and many contractors trying to fit the pieces together, one area that is often forgotten but most important is getting paid. While FSSI is requiring that contractors provide Level III line item detail, the benefit that this can provide to the contractor is often overlooked. By providing Level III data, the contractor can save a significant amount of money and reduce the amount they pay to the card companies. This by itself has tremendous value… Read More »

The Confusion Behind Level 3 (Part 2)

In an earlier article, I wrote about how the cost of processing a credit card (the interchange) is dependent on multiple factors such as the type of card issued, how it is processed, and the type of business that it is used in. Taking the data that is required a step farther, below is a summary of the required data elements that make up all levels of processing:





Merchant Name



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Guest Post – Debra Fryar of Partnet Inc. Talks E-Markets

Government Charge Card is pleased to publish the following guest post by Debra Fryar. Debra is the past Program Manager for the DOD EMALL with over 30 years of government experience. She currently works for Partnet Inc., the #1 provider of comprehensive, flexible, and targeted online marketplace solutions for the government as Director of Marketing.

In the article below Debra discusses the benefits of Business to Business (B2B) e-markets and how e-Commerce can save the government money.


For a number of… Read More »

How Government Suppliers Can Offset the Burden of the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF)

Having a contract with the GSA Advantage comes with a multitude of benefits for suppliers. One major benefit is that the contract provides access to government customers who purchase the goods and services they need. This allows an opportunity for contractors to significantly increase sales.

To help cover such benefits, the GSA Advantage must rely on a fee to support the branch that negotiates all of its schedules. This fee, known as the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF), requires suppliers who are… Read More »