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GSA’s Hunger Games – Government Contractors – “Clear Winners and Losers”…

Guest Post- Jennifer Schaus of Jennifer Schaus and Associates


 Today Government Charge Card is pleased to publish a piece by Jennifer Schaus. Jennifer is the principal of Jennifer Schaus & Associates, a boutique government consulting firm in Washington, DC with offices in Rome, Italy.  The organization helps small, mid-size, Fortune 500, domestic and international firms with government contracting; GSA Schedules to 8a Certification as well as sales, marketing and lobbying.



Yes, “Clear Winners and Losers” – GSA’s words, not… Read More »

The Goverment has their Initiative. Whats yours? Lower Costs.

The pricing in your bids to the government just got a lot more competitive.The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a memo on December 5, 2012 that outlines the focus of more Strategic Sourcing Initiatives.

As OMB’s Deputy Director Jeffrey Zients notes in the memo, “One key way agencies have saved money is by pooling their spending, either by centralizing the agency’s contracting decisions or by using government-wide strategic sourcing vehicles, in order to lower prices and reduce duplication and… Read More »

More Strategic Sourcing Is Coming! Are You Prepared?

In a recent article at the Federal Times, Sarah Chacko wrote about the impending changes to the Strategic Sourcing Initiative.

The GSA implemented Strategic Sourcing Initiatives to reduce costs and improve the overall procurement experience. According to the GSA, FSSI has been implementing strategic sourcing solutions for the government since 2005.  The initiative has proven results that include cost savings, improved management visibility and adoption of industry and government agencies best practices. The initiative also has helped improve government management of commonly purchased goods… Read More »

Guest Post – Stephanie Levine of Princeton Payment Solutions

Government Charge Card is pleased to publish the following guest post by Stephanie Levine, Director of Marketing at Princeton Payment Solutions (PPS). PPS is a division of Financial Transaction Services (FTS) who provides comprehensive responses to critical payment components for clients.

In the article below Stephanie discusses the importance of Oracle EBS, GSA SmartPay2 ™ and Level-3 data and especially PCI Compliance for companies doing business with the U.S. government.


Kicking it Up by Shrinking it Down: Level 3 and Reducing the… Read More »

Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act Finally Passed

In previous posts, we have mentioned that a new law was in the works that would require federal agencies to put new safeguards and controls on government charge card use by federal employees.  As Jack Moore of Federal News Radio reports, the Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act of 2012 was signed into law on October 5th, and agencies will now face stricter rules for issuing and tracking government charge cards.  The legislation was introduced by Sen…. Read More »

With Schedule Being Frozen, Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold

In recent news, the GSA has decided to freeze Schedule 75 ending any chance that you may have to get on this schedule.  This news makes it even more important for potential vendors on any schedule.  With the news that the GSA saved over 10 million dollars,  you can be sure that other schedules will be added to the FSSI.  Will you be left out in the cold?

The FSSI only allows a limited number of vendors on a particular… Read More »

Transparency in Government – How Contractors Can Show Their Support

Transparency in government will continue to be a hot topic for quite some time, especially as more stories continue to emerge of it helping executive departments and agencies become more efficient and of transparency helping to prevent fraudulent use of public funds.

Take for instance a recent article in Federal Computer Week that discussed transparency as being credited for preventing fraud from occurring with the Recovery Act of 2009. Earl Devaney, retired chairman of the Recovery and Accountability Board, highlighted… Read More »

GSA SmartPay, Micropurchasing and Level-3 – What’s the Big Deal?

Understanding the government’s acquisition process of goods and services can be confusing for many vendors.  One area in particular is the multitude of programs vendors have access to, and understanding which ones hold the most benefit for the contractor.

Guy Timberlake, the co-founder of The American Small Business Coalition, wrote a great article that provided his personal experience and market intelligence on a couple of valuable programs: the GSA SmartPay program, and micropurchasing.

In the article, he discusses the benefits he… Read More »

How Government Suppliers Can Offset the Burden of the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF)

Having a contract with the GSA Advantage comes with a multitude of benefits for suppliers. One major benefit is that the contract provides access to government customers who purchase the goods and services they need. This allows an opportunity for contractors to significantly increase sales.

To help cover such benefits, the GSA Advantage must rely on a fee to support the branch that negotiates all of its schedules. This fee, known as the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF), requires suppliers who are… Read More »

Level-3 data can ease auditing backlogs

A recent article in the Federal Times discussed some troubling concerns with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and its rising backlog of audits that can result in billions of dollars in un-audited defense contract costs.

From the article:

“The number of audits performed by the Defense Contract Audit Agency, which ensures that costs charged to the government by contractors are allowable and reasonable, has plummeted in recent years. Last year, the agency performed roughly a quarter the number of audits… Read More »