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The Confusion Behind Level 3 (Part 2)

In an earlier article, I wrote about how the cost of processing a credit card (the interchange) is dependent on multiple factors such as the type of card issued, how it is processed, and the type of business that it is used in. Taking the data that is required a step farther, below is a summary of the required data elements that make up all levels of processing:





Merchant Name



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With Schedule Being Frozen, Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold

In recent news, the GSA has decided to freeze Schedule 75 ending any chance that you may have to get on this schedule.  This news makes it even more important for potential vendors on any schedule.  With the news that the GSA saved over 10 million dollars,  you can be sure that other schedules will be added to the FSSI.  Will you be left out in the cold?

The FSSI only allows a limited number of vendors on a particular… Read More »

Guest Post – Stephanie Levine of Princeton Payment Solutions

Government Charge Card is pleased to publish the following guest post by Stephanie Levine, Director of Marketing at Princeton Payment Solutions (PPS). PPS is a division of Financial Transaction Services (FTS) who provides comprehensive responses to critical payment components for clients.

In the article below Stephanie discusses the importance of Oracle EBS, GSA SmartPay2 ™ and Level-3 data for companies doing business with the U.S. government.


Finding the Sweet Spot: Oracle EBS, GSA SmartPay2 ™ and Level-3 Data

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GSA SmartPay, Micropurchasing and Level-3 – What’s the Big Deal?

Understanding the government’s acquisition process of goods and services can be confusing for many vendors.  One area in particular is the multitude of programs vendors have access to, and understanding which ones hold the most benefit for the contractor.

Guy Timberlake, the co-founder of The American Small Business Coalition, wrote a great article that provided his personal experience and market intelligence on a couple of valuable programs: the GSA SmartPay program, and micropurchasing.

In the article, he discusses the benefits he… Read More »

Compliance Hurdles Create Opportunities for Government Contractors

An excellent article recently published on Centre Knowledge, the official blog of a government consulting services firm Centre Consulting, discussed the regulatory and compliance hurdles contractors must overcome to remain ahead of the competition. The author, Eric S. Crusius, Esq. highlighted the importance of allocating more resources to government compliance and how this can lead to greater profits in the long run for contractors.

The author specifically speaks of two distinct areas of compliance with the Service Contract Act (SCA)… Read More »

How government agencies and contractors can improve margins and reduce fraud

In our last editorial, we discussed an article that spoke of the insistent drive to cut costs at federal agencies and the impact on government contractors margins.

Last year, David Shea, director of the Office of Charge Card Management at the GSA, was featured on Federal News Radio with Mark Amtower discussing two programs that can help agencies and contractors substantially improve margins and virtually eliminate fraud: the GSA SmartPay card and Level-3 processing.

As indicated in the broadcast, the… Read More »

The Business Opportunity of the GSA’s FSSI

The GSA’s Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) is gathering steam and notice recently. If it’s not on your radar screen as a government contractor, it should be.

FSSI was instituted to increase efficiencies and savings around the government’s purchase of commonly purchased commodities. These items include delivery services, wireless plans and office supplies.

Those are laudable goals, which we will explore deeper in future posts. Today we are taking the view of a government contractor, and looking at FSSI as a… Read More »