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Is the GSA, Office of Charge Card Management, Headed In Your Direction?

There has been a new direction established by GSA, Office of Charge Card Management, in which GSA SmartPay card transactions has set up new guidelines for certain schedules to provide Level-3 transaction detail.

The GSA SmartPay program, established in 1998, is the largest charge card program in the world serving more than 350 federal agencies, organizations, and Native American tribal governments.  In FY10, approximately 98.9M transactions were made and $30.2B were charged using the GSA SmartPay charge cards, creating $325.9M in… Read More »

Why Level-3 Data is a Must Have in Today’s Government Market

If you are a government contractor, you know how important this issue of Level-3 data has become in the current market. And if by some chance you aren’t yet aware, you’ll need to learn very quickly, as collecting and passing Level-3 financial data has rapidly become a necessity in the government contracting space.

The benefits provided by Level-3 data are compelling. Level-3 data allows government contractors to save 40-50% off of their charge card processing fees. Level-3 data provides granular purchase… Read More »